Focus & PhilosoPhy

We are BRIOTECH in the Middle East. We are responsible for the Sales, Marketing and Distribution of BRIOTECH Pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) — Working exclusively with the Founders and Manufacturers in The United States, the formulations we supply across the region are HOCl in the purest form. The unique, scalable production methods employed by the manufacturing facility yield formulations that are simple, natural, effective, and available in limitless capacity to serve a wide variety of industries. The BRIOTECH vision has always been focused on what HOCl can do for the good of mankind, in medicine and in healthcare. In a mission as pure as our HOCl, we, like the founders have set a goal to make a lasting and positive impact in health, healing, and sanitization, in the region and worldwide, by assisting in revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare and infection control measures.

The founders of BRIOTECH committed themselves to overcoming the flaws and deficiencies inherent in historically crude methods of conventional HOCl production. In doing so, they’ve made tremendous strides that have propelled BRIOTECH forward as the leader of the HOCl industry globally. BRIOTECH formulations consistently impart breakthrough discoveries in science and chemistry that have been validated through published, scientific evidence from prestigious colleagues at the National Institutes of Health and The University of Washington, among others.

In the development of specialized solutions and the design of proprietary innovative formulations, BRIOTECH is unparalleled in its ability to infinitely scale unique HOCl formulations that are unmatched in germ-killing properties, potency, safety, consistency, and stability, with purity equal to nature’s production. This means a consistently effective and highly stable product every-time, anywhere.

BRIOTECH is committed to getting product into the hands of those who need it the most, across the world. This is why we are here, in The Middle East, to help to bring BRIOTECH products to the people and businesses of the region. In keeping with the philosophies of the founder and as a part of a continued charitable mission, BRIOTECH in the Middle East is happy to provide product donations to causes in need and toward global disaster relief efforts.


BRIO /brēō/, noun:
strength, spirit, life, action, passion, energy

True to our name, we are passionate about our formulations and we are energized by our commitment to make a difference in people’s lives and in the world.


A Key Component Of Healing & Disinfection

HOCl is made naturally in white blood cells as a key component of the internal defense system, working to fight against infection, reduce inflammation, control responses to injury, and enhance the healing process.


More than 85 million people in the
U.S. are impacted by skin conditions.


Skin conditions affect up to 70%
of all individuals worldwide.


The number of new infectious diseases has nearly quadrupled each year.

Power In Our Purity

Safety and reliability matter — our line of industry-specific electrochemically engineered solutions work to mimic the HOCl produced inside the human body. Setting the Gold Standard for efficacy: BRIOTECH is proven pure and stable, laboratory tested, and yields excellent results. Through BRIOTECH’s achievements, for the first time in 130 years, HOCl can be produced without ill-defined or unknown contaminants, offering reliability even after storage for unprecedented periods of time. Our formulations never contain additives, buffers, or preservatives, and remain free of alcohol, oil, parabens, sulfates, or added fragrance  — The power is in our purity.

  • all natural
  • certified pure
  • eco-friendly